The ghost of Corona invades the camps
مايو 8, 2020 11:39 ص
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بقلم : Lojain abbsi

The Palestinian refugee crisis in Lebanon continues, as his anger is rolling like a snow ball against UNRWA, which has not yet been translated into the emergency plan set up to confront the spread of the Corona virus inside the Palestinian camps, as it has taken measures that did not rise to the level required of it, while Lebanon entered the eye of the storm of the epidemic with a rise in Numbers of casualties and deaths.
The current crisis came to ravage even the few who have had jobs, and to join them in the “mill” of poverty that sweeps and crushes the majority of the Palestinians in Lebanon. The conditions of the Palestinian refugees descend rapidly towards the “abyss”, which threatens a humanitarian catastrophe, after many are unable to secure The minimum income and the provision of “today’s food”, due to the fact that many workers stopped their work on the one hand, and due to considerations related to UNRWA and the policy of reducing services provided to them on the other hand, which contributed to increasing the rate of unemployment and poverty in the Palestinian camps and communities.
The UNRWA administration did not spend the $ 5 million that was earmarked for aid to the Palestinian refugee camps to face the negative repercussions of the Corona virus, after its commitment to public mobilization, which the Lebanese government announced to prevent its spread, and the agency seemed puzzled, while hunger knocked on the doors and their owners who were suffering from extreme poverty In light of the difficult economic and living conditions, the high prices and the madness of prices.
According to official estimates, Lebanon is home to at least 174,000 Palestinian refugees in camps that over the years have become densely populated neighborhoods, buildings, and electrical wires. These people live in areas not exceeding one square kilometer, and this overcrowding promotes the spread of viruses and infectious diseases among refugees, as the condition is One of the virus carriers in one of the camps is capable of threatening thousands of Palestinians, thus threatening the area that includes this camp.
This virus, if it penetrates into the camps, will lead to an increase in infected cases that require treatment and quarantine, and will put additional pressure on the health sector in Lebanon that is not equipped to accommodate a large number of such cases, and the Lebanese citizen, the Palestinian refugee, the Syrian displaced and any resident in Lebanon will be at risk. Death, not only due to corona, but due to a lack of necessary medical devices.
In the face of the continuing crisis and economic deterioration, the Palestinian refugees do not need to draw up plans to implement development projects, nor talk about relief and employment programs … What the Palestinians need now is a relief plan implemented by UNRWA, the Palestine Liberation Organization, factions, national labor forces and civil society institutions, so that the situation does not reach unforeseen consequences On the social, economic and security levels …