About the camp when the playmaker loses
مايو 8, 2020 11:36 ص
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بقلم : Mohammad Mohsen

“Aren’t you the ones who played soccer on the beach with us and fed you eggs?

This question surprised me, a young man who laughed and did not know him before. She stuttered, then laughed and answered him in the negative. While waiting for my friend to return from an oven in the camp, Iyad explained the meaning of the phrase “fed you egg”. He means to pass the ball between the feet “it means passing the ball between your feet”. Today, I received a photo of the young man whose question made me laugh. I was surprised, laughed, before my friend told me that Hani died of electric shock. The news is not new. A Palestinian kills random electricity on the walls of his camp. The news is not surprising. A Palestinian dies early. The messengers of death fill the camps. The tragedy of the matter is that the messengers of death are a phrase that abbreviates what we naturally call life ingredients. Electricity, water, houses, food. In the camps, life equals death. You can easily die in your life, and turn you into a dreary, dreamless person who leads you to confrontation along the path of your life in these worn out countries.
They say in the camp, Hani was talented at soccer, fierce on the field, hated losing. He returned from a football tournament in Norway, dreaming of becoming a professional. Soon his dream died, again shocked.
Twenty years is Omar Hani. He who is of such age is only asked about his dream. In the camps, the dust of Hani dies before the electric shock of them, or before their painful emigration to the exiles abroad that they leave for their mixes to determine their fate, or through their abbreviation with a gun, it is not a concept meaning to use it far from the heart of the confrontation with the occupation in Palestine. Hani and his ilk die before they hold the hand of those who cultivate their talents as young men with extended dreams.
Sad night camp. The beach connected to Haifa and Gaza is also sad. This is not new either. Sad Palestinian camp. It is an inseparable chain of words. The difference in tonight’s grief is that the camp lost a potential playmaker, who would have been in a world stadium raising his shirt after scoring the goal to illuminate his heart on his case. The camp lost a potential playmaker. He lost a possible joy. Between Hani and death, death was won this time. Death is a camp game maker. Harsh defeat in a match without a referee. This is the essence of Hani’s story. The oppressed and weird Palestinian who plays the game against everything, without a judgment that gives him his right, no matter how talented as a hero, the playmaker in our eyes despite all the oppression.
This article was written by Lebanese journalist Mohamed Mohsen after his previous visit to the Rashidiyeh camp, and he met the late Hani youth by chance.
Mohamed Mohsen is a reporter and news producer for Al-Mayadeen Channel, and a writer for Al-Akhbar newspaper.
The picture is for the young Hani Taha, who died yesterday in Rashidiya camp due to electric shock.