The Mastermind of the Balfour Declaration: The Emory Impact of Arthur
مايو 8, 2020 11:33 ص
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بقلم : Zaher Abo hamda

There is no doubt that the Zionist movement took advantage of the imbalance of world powers to achieve its goals, and the Jewish lobby in the colonial countries, especially participation in the two world wars, played an important role in that. Researchers and historians disagree about the fulcrum of the beginning of the occupation project in Palestine, because Israeli novels translated from Western references, or stories and news tucked to portray the Zionist as having a strong influence and plotting terribly against the weak, weak Arab, in addition to making methodological research methods on the truth difficult. You have studied and heard about the London Conference (1905-1907) or the Campbell Penerman Document. The story says: A group of leading scholars of history, sociology, geography, agriculture, oil, and economics met at the conference and made recommendations in 1907 to then British Prime Minister Henry Campbell Penerman, advising the following:
The recommendations of the document were implemented in practice, but the document has no effect, as confirmed by historian Anis Sayegh and researcher Mohsen Saleh. Thus, Campbell’s document joins what is known as “the promise of Napoleon 1798 ″ not found” and the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” whose falsity was revealed by researcher Abdel-Wahab Al-Masiri in his book “The Protocols, Judaism and Zionism”.
There are dates and events that are not fully known to the person who was thrown into the face of our ancestors, which are false. Unfortunately, researchers have been convinced of them and wrote books about them that are used in Arabic and Islamic literature without conclusive evidence of their existence. All this to prove the conspiracy against the Palestinian people and the nation. But there are documents and writings that indicate contents or contexts close or supportive of the data of the Campbell Penerman Document. When the founder of the Zionist movement, Theodore Herzl, met with British Prime Minister Joseph Chamberlain in 1902, Herzl told him: “Our base must be in Palestine, which can be a barrier state. Where British interests are guaranteed. Herbert Samuel – the Zionist Jew and Minister in the British government that was headed by leader of the Liberal Party Henry Asquith – presented a secret note to the British government in January 1915, in which he called for the occupation of Palestine and opened the door for immigration and settlement for Jews to become a majority of the population, noting the strategic advantages of controlling Palestine.
In the face of the conspiracies that are followed by conspiracies, the Balfour Declaration can be placed in the starting line for the theoretical and actual application of the Zionist project of the occupation of Palestine. But who made this historically proven promise?
Leo Emery, one of the drafters of the Balfour Declaration. He was a journalist and member of the “Conservative” party and became a deputy in the British House of Commons, then Minister of Colonies. This man is very dangerous because he was loving and supportive of the Jews and their agency unlike Balfour, who is known for his hatred and disgust from the Jews of Europe because of their miserliness and condescension until he described them as “human dirt” and some translators adopted the term “human waste”.
Emery wrote 67 words, which is the text of the letter The Promise to one of the most prominent aspects of British Jewish society, Lord Lionel de Rothschild. The message changed geography, falsified history, changed maps, and mixed the cards of the Arab world and its surroundings. This Liu was very accurate in the wording, so he wrote “National home” and did not write “Home land”, that is, he used the national home of a people, not his hometown or home (the homeland in the language is the place where a person settled himself on the place, and not leaving it, whether Whether he was brought up in it, or it was an emergency on him. This term applies to Muslims in all of the terms that have entered them in terms of nations and modern countries. As for the citizen, what is meant by the one belonging to the homeland in its political concept, and therefore, one of the conditions for being a citizen is to carry what is known as a book of souls or irritated or subordinate, and is expressed by nationality, which means that it is from the whole parish, and therefore the person may move from one country to another country by granting the state The other has his nationality, so the new country becomes his homeland. On the other hand, if the citizen disagrees with the state, he withdraws his nationality, and he asks him to leave. The other, so it is appropriate to call it the National Day Aldo Day For him to match the truth) ..
Emery insisted, adding a sentence in the message: “No action will be taken that would diminish the civil and religious rights of the non-Jewish communities residing in Palestine, nor the rights or political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.” This phrase indicates Britain’s recognition of the Palestinian right in the first place, but it was planned that Jews, Muslims and Christians live together on the same land, far from the names of the state and its constitution.
Within ten years after the “Balfour Declaration”, he immigrated to Palestine a hundred thousand Jews, and the Al-Buraq revolution took place in 1929, so Imre feared his project, especially since the Jews’ relationship with Germany began to become tense, and the German leader Adolf Hitler took a decision to expel them to the rest of the European countries, so Britain decided to reduce Supporting and emigrating the Jews until it collided with the Jewish Agency, so the Zionist gangs carried out the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, where the headquarters of the British forces are located. Extortion is very clear: Emery, as the minister of settlements, thought of the solution. His thinking gave birth to a partition map of Palestine, and the partition resolution was in 1947. The British minister predicted that Jerusalem would be the main dilemma if the two sides did not accept that it would be a unified capital for the two parties and admitted in his memoirs that this place (Palestine) would remain in the conflict until one side eliminates the other party.