Far from home for the first year
مايو 8, 2020 11:29 ص
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بقلم : Ahmad Al-dalwo

A full year ago, I landed in a Red Cross camp in the Belgian city of Tournet as a refugee in this country.
A year ago, many events took place at a critical juncture in the life of my small family, and thousands of refugees fleeing the hell of their country to a country where they enjoyed peace and security.
We receive complete health and educational care, and we do not feel an acute alienation and black life because of the window of hope and love opened by the people of this country in general, but with that kindness life remains complicated and the future is unknown due to the absence of a political solution to the refugee file.
Concerning the asylum file, important joints occurred in this country that led some Palestinians to request voluntary return to their country because they were not tolerated by the new procedures in the file of refugees, nearly seven months before the beginning of the Belgian kingdom’s transfer of dozens of Palestinians to Madrid for their passage in Spain, subject to the Dublin law regulating asylum issues in The European Union, knowing that Belgium is the only country that breaks the fingerprint of asylum of another member state of the Union.
Another reason has prompted a lot of stalling returns in settling refugee files and the frequent postponement of asylum interviews for up to a year for the first interview, which is, on average, conducted within two to three months.
The most dangerous thing in the file of Palestinian refugees in Belgium is the cancellation of social housing for Palestinians, a feature offered to refugees in some countries after the first interview, and the Palestinian has to wait in collective asylum centers until deciding on his asylum file, which he attributes to followers of the low acceptance rate of Palestinian refugees This has been evident over the past few months, which is of course a risk indicator facing the fate of thousands of asylum seekers fleeing death, hunger, deprivation and injustice in their country.
The most difficult thing is that there are no clear laws that define the criteria for accepting an asylum application, as the door is left wide open to the investigators who decide on the asylum application, and they determine whether his previous life was in danger or not.
refugee camps
There are dozens of refugee camps in Belgium spread in most of the Belgian cities, managed by Vidazel, which is a government institution or the Red Cross, it is not easy life inside these camps, with the multiplicity of races and the large number of refugees it is difficult to provide a good and comfortable place for individuals.
The institutions responsible for refugees provide a simple expense of 7 euros per week, in addition to providing 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) that many refugees do not accept and are not of high quality.
The camps also provide education and medical services, and the appointment of lawyers for refugee cases.
But all this does not make you feel safe or settled in a group housing multinational, ethnic and customs, everything in it collective, housing and bathrooms, and lacks privacy.
Refugees try to overcome these dilemmas by securing a job , often in the services and agricultural sectors, but this does not last long because the government limits refugee work to only 65 days a year.