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مشاركة الصفحة
  • Membership Committee
  • Activities Committee
  • Studies and Information Committee
  • Training Committee
  • Secretariat Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Fund Committee
  • Camp Meeting Committee

Membership committee
Anyone who wishes to join the association submits his application to the membership committee via the site or in contact with the committee’s official. After that, it is confirmed whether it meets the conditions for membership, then contact with one of the members of the committee to introduce him to the principles of the assembly and its rules of procedure. Then his request is referred to the Administrative Committee for approval. The committee is also concerned with gathering the necessary information about the members of the assembly and organizing their data
Activities committee
The committee works to revive national and social events. Its work focuses on raising the level of awareness among the members of the assembly and the public in general regarding the Palestinian issue through lectures, seminars, awareness leaflets and other media materials. The committee covers the activities and news of the gathering and everything related to the Palestinians, especially refugee issues in Lebanon
Studies and information committee
Works to study the issues related to our Palestinian reality and provide new information, numbers and statistics, after which these studies will be presented to the concerned authorities for dialogue and in order to reach results that are in the interest of our society. The gathering also publishes the details of the study on its website and platforms, and the Palestinian public opinion is entitled to see the information.
The committee is also concerned with networking with Palestinian and Arab studies and research centers, in order for us to be informed of the latest studies published by these centers, and to form a partnership in seminars, conferences or studies in the future
The training committee
Aims to develop the capabilities of the association members, and every Palestinian journalist is interested in developing his journalistic skills and knowledge.
In this context, we point out that the most prominent titles that will be trained on are:

  • How to write a news
  • Field reporter and editorial techniques
  • Writing the article
  • TV presentation
  • The dumping
  • Mobile press
  • Photography
  • Montage
  • Making documentaries and how to write a script
  • How to produce a newsletter or program
  • Techniques for influencing the audience and body language
  • Political guidance

(of course ,all courses for free)
The Secretariat Committee
Relates to the tasks of the Secretariat, issuing invitations to hold meetings, setting the agenda and writing down the minutes. It also preserves gathering documents such as member statements, financial statements, meeting and meeting minutes, correspondence and complaints
Public Relations
Committee The committee seeks to communicate with Arab and international media institutions, Arab and foreign journalists, and is also concerned with organizing meetings with Palestinian factions, Lebanese parties, NGOs, civil society institutions, and actors.
The Fund Committee
works to organize the financial affairs of the association, as it collects the members ’monthly contributions, and pays the dues required of the assembly, and seeks to conclude work contracts with the institutions in exchange for the production of some media materials or studies.
Camp Meeting Committee
The committee organizes meetings periodically in all Palestinian camps and gatherings. Some members of the gathering and a number of activists in each camp participate in it to discuss the current issues and challenges facing our society.